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Getting Started with CoinPot

How to get Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and more for FREE!!


Follow these steps below and start collecting in your wallet!

Step 1: Sign up for a FREE MicroWallet at

Step 2: After registering with coinpot, use the same email address to link up to the 7 links below.

Step 3: Start collecting and click CLAIM.


And thats it! Watch your wealth grow!


Submit your Coinpot Email to #1 -#7 below:


#1 Moon Litecoin

#2 Moon Bitcoin

#3 Moon Dash

#4 Moon Dogecoin

#5 Moon Bitcoin Cash


#6 BonusBitcoin

#7 BitFun


When Ready, you will need a wallet/CoinBase account.


Sign up for your free wallet!